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VPN Performance Metrics: How to Measure and

There is no way around that because it’s inherent in how VPNs operate. To get the best speeds out of your VPN connection performance on windows, you may do a few things. That is why its best to download VPN for Windows that can increase the performance of your window and optimize VPN performance as well.

With a VPN, your internet data is routed via a secure server in a different country, adding an extra layer of encryption to your connection. The procedure that is mostly to blame for the speed loss is this one. Your data must go to the VPN server and back to your device while encrypted and decrypted.

When using a fast VPN, the speed loss may be almost invisible for browsing the internet usually. Still, you’ll need the fastest connections for data-intensive activities like gaming, streaming, and video conferencing. In an online game, a few milliseconds of delay spell the difference between success and failure. Additionally, sluggish VPN connections can damage a video streaming experience by causing excessive pixelation and persistent buffering. Further, if you’re using a VPN while on a Zoom call, you should increase your VPN speed to prevent call drops and maintain a seamless conversation experience.

6 techniques to increase VPN speed

1. Connect to a server that is nearer to your location

Your connection rates should be quicker the closer the VPN server is to your physical location. When your traffic is routed through a nearby VPN server rather than one halfway around the world, it will have a shorter physical distance to travel. If you’re in Boston, connecting to a VPN server in New York City or Montreal as opposed to one in Sydney or Tokyo, for instance, should result in a significantly quicker VPN connection.

2. Attach yourself to a management server

A single VPN server may get overwhelmed if many users are utilizing it, which can slow down your connection speed. On their websites or apps, several VPN providers provide the current server load on their servers. You’ll often go quicker if you select one with a lesser burden. Try connecting to a few different ones to discover which gives you the best speeds if your VPN service doesn’t show the current load on its servers. Sometimes, a little trial and error are all that is needed.

3. Connect using a different VPN protocol

A VPN protocol is a set of rules that the VPN server and the VPN client on your device follow to establish a secure connection. There are several VPN protocols, and most companies let you select from several different possibilities. If you connect using one VPN protocol rather than another, you can increase the performance of your VPN. Distinct protocols have distinct benefits and drawbacks in terms of speed and security.

4. Switch to a wired connection

It is usually faster to use a cable connection than Wi-Fi. You likely have many devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network simultaneously, all vying for resources on the same wireless channel. This can lead to a shaky internet connection and, thus, decreased speeds. If you have the right tools, consider setting up a wired connection by connecting your computer to your router directly via an Ethernet cable, then connecting to your VPN.

5. Put an end to any background programs that are not essential

New programs running in the background may be sucking up resources on your computer and slowing down your connection. Check to see if there are any background processes that you need to utilize and shut them off. Connect quicker by eliminating potential bottlenecks like these.

Reset your router and other electronic equipment

When did you last restart your equipment? Your computer and router periodically need some R&R, just like everything else. Rebooting your computer will refresh it, release some RAM, and restore it to peak performance. As corny as it may seem, try turning it off and on again to see if it improves your VPN speeds.

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