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Steps to maintain your AC unit in Dubai

Repairing or replacing an air conditioning system may be a hassle that also costs a lot of money. However, if you perform the following air conditioner service tasks, you may save more money and worry. AC Repair Dubaiservice specialist will assist you in getting the most use possible out of your unit rather than wasting money on pricey AC repairs and replacements.

They accomplish this by developing an air conditioner maintenance program that focuses on preventative care. Ensuring the year-round efficiency of your air conditioning system.

It’s preferable to leave air conditioner service to the experts who have the right equipment and training. This article will examine the various equipment and procedures your AC repair specialist use while maintaining your air conditioner.

Some Expect Air Conditioner Servicing Steps

Not sure what to anticipate while having an air conditioner serviced in Dubai? Every professional maintenance business wants to make you as comfortable as possible. When servicing your AC, your AC expert could do the following procedures:

The unit’s power switch

To limit harm to delicate components and avoid mishaps when doing maintenance. They can either locate the capacitor to cut off the main electric current or just flip a switch, depending on the sort of system you have.

The condenser fan motor should be cleaned and oiled

The condenser fan, which is found in the outside unit, is where some AC experts like AC Maintenance Dubaiprefer to start. Normally, the condenser fan is placed near the condenser coils. Placed so that it may expel the heated air from your building.

Given that it faces the outside, this component is more likely to be unclean. The technician will first use a screwdriver to remove the cover grill screws and place it aside. As a result, the AC condenser fan is exposed, which he may clean with a dustpan and cloths.

Clean the condenser’s fins and coils

Most outdoor air conditioning units include a grill that faces outward; this grill conceals the condenser coil. It moves the warm air from your structure in front of the condenser fan so that it may be expelled outdoors. When the coil surface is dust-free and clean, this technique performs well.

Add more refrigerant

In Dubai, this is an essential stage in any AC maintenance procedure. Your home is continuously cooled as the refrigerant travels through the interior and outdoor units. If your refrigerant levels are low or you have a leak, you might not be able to chill your home effectively.

Because topping up the refrigerant is a complicated procedure, you should always think about employing an expert. He first finds the suction line, unscrews it, and then loosens the internal screw. He then uses a pressure gauge that is likewise attached to the recharge pipe to check the pressure.

Remove or replace the indoor filter

It’s time to move inside, where the technician will start by inspecting the air conditioner’s interior unit filter. Before it enters your house, the AC filter removes dust and other contaminants from the air. This makes it especially helpful for maintaining a clean house in Dubai’s dusty environment.

Maintain the ductwork for your air conditioner

One of the most frequently disregarded parts of an air conditioning system is the AC ducts. Cleaning the air duct system is now required as part of keeping your AC unit in good working order due to the sand from the desert.

In situations where your AC system is particularly clogged or plagued with pests. To prevent dirt and dust from being drawn into your ducts, they could carry out some minor maintenance tasks.

Are You Seeking a Qualified AC Technician?

The specialists at AC Servicing Dubai are always available to assist you with all of your air conditioning needs. Your AC unit will function as effectively as possible for a longer period of time with our assistance, saving you time, money, and energy.

Not sure where to begin? We have made it easier to find a trained specialist at Mistral Cleaning Services. Simply complete the form on the right to contact a licensed AC technician right now.


The only way to guarantee that they function correctly and smoothly is to do routine maintenance. The lifespan of your equipment is increased by proactive maintenance, which keeps your air conditioner operating at maximum efficiency. You also avoid the hassles of repairs and replacements.

The best approach to maintaining your air conditioner correctly is to hire a professional AC maintenance company in Dubai.

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