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Common AC problems faced by Dubai residents

Dubai’s weather is renowned for its friendliness, year-round heat, and consistent heat waves. Living here without an air conditioner is just not an option. Your best ally in surviving the sweltering heat is an air conditioner offered by AC Maintenance Dubai.

What issues may I encounter?

The majority of people in Dubai use air conditioning continuously throughout the day.

However, this implies that homeowners will inevitably experience problems if they use it frequently. They are likely to deal with a variety of AC troubles, thus it is crucial to do routine electrical maintenance and examinations of the AC’s components.

It is vital to be aware of the typical AC issues you could experience and how to fix them in order to prevent getting into a dangerous scenario.

  • Air conditioning not turning on
  • (Both inside and outdoors) Water Leak
  • Airflow issues
  • Coil Issues
  • Electrical failure and brownout

The air conditioning not turning on

It should be evident how to solve this issue. If you just purchased a new air conditioner, there were definitely issues with the measurements, and the installation, or you may have just had bad luck and ended yourself with a defective air conditioner.

Consider how long you have had this AC in relation to this issue. Check your thermostat batteries if it wasn’t a recent buy or an old one.

Replace the batteries if you discover that they are completely discharged to resolve the problem. However, if you discover that the batteries still have power, make sure that the thermostat is in “cooling” mode and adjust it to the desired temperature.

Water Spill or Leaks

When there is a blockage in the PVC pipe, water may drip from your air conditioner and condense in the unit’s line. These are the water and air channels. Condensation from the AC system is typically produced and properly drained. The drain pipes might occasionally become clogged or leak. The condensate pump for the AC might also malfunction at times.

There are several causes for this bothersome and frequent AC repair problem in Dubai by AC Repair Dubai. In this instance, you may fix the problem by inspecting the PVC condensate and drain lines.

If the line is clogged, clear it out by blowing the obstruction away using compressed air.

Always keep in mind that the entire AC system, including the ducts, is likely to accumulate a lot of debris that can cause allergies and even serious illnesses. As a result, in addition to addressing the usual AC maintenance difficulties in Dubai, AC units need to be frequently cleaned and disinfected. By doing this, you improve your air conditioner’s capacity to remove moisture from the air brought on by excessive humidity, mildew, and mold.

Airflow Issues

Sand and dirt buildup is the root of this issue. All you have to do to resolve this issue is switch off your air conditioning, remove the air duct covers, and clean the grates while doing AC installation in Dubai.

Next, disconnect the electricity to the heating and cooling system and begin gently cleaning.

Coil issues

One of the most crucial parts of an AC system is a coil evaporator. The heat from the air in your house is absorbed by it. The coil evaporator has to be kept clean and should have as little debris as possible on it. This is the primary cause of its destruction. Thus, the answer would be to do comprehensive ac coil cleaning on a regular basis.

Electrical failure and brownout

It’s vital to realize that this is a high-risk situation if you think the issue may be brought on by an electrical failure. Finding an electrical maintenance firm in Dubai is preferable. They will have additional information regarding the situation.


So we easily conclude or we can easily deduce that the above-mentioned problems occur a lot. When an AC is not properly maintained or repaired regularly. We provide you with the best AC maintenance and repair services regularly on a monthly basis or quarterly basis or per year annual maintenance contracts to our users and customers for their AC comfort and AC efficiency to run smoothly and give their best performance.

Call us now for your own easy life and instant services for your home or office air conditioners. We would be there on your doorstep on just one call. Call us now!

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