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An Interesting Solution for Your Temporary Vehicle Storage Needs in Melbourne

You can store your vehicle in other places other than a parking lot. One of those places is a storage facility.

Vehicle storage has been a reliable solution for a decade now. They are flexible and convenient. But why is vehicle storage better than the usual parking space?

In this article you will learn all about vehicle storage, why it’s better,  and its benefits.

Why You Need Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage is popular in Melbourne. Cars, motorbikes, and even boats are frequently stored in storage facilities. Why is that?

Vehicle storage is popular because of these four reasons;

  • No garage/parking space near home
  • Infrequent use
  • Unpredictable weather
  • Holiday

Storing vehicles because of the four reasons above is totally valid. Without a protected place to park, your vehicle will be susceptible to dust, the weather, and theft.

Plus, the parking fee is not cheap. So, the best thing to do is vehicle storage.

How is Vehicle Storage Better Than The Usual Parking Space?

Vehicle storage companies take extra measures to keep your vehicle indoors. So, your vehicle won’t just be left in the open.

Good vehicle storage companies will offer you an enclosed space. This is to protect your vehicle from the weather, dust, rust, and vermin.

The best car, trailer, and boat storage companies will offer you secure temporary storage containers.

Storage container? What is that?

So, for cars, trailers, and boats, a storage container is the best storage space. The container is enclosed and private. No one can access it other than you and the company.

Plus, the container is made of quality steel. It is thick and impenetrable. The steel material is also dust, water, and vermin-proof.

Unlike the others, the best motorbike storage in Melbourne would suggest using a motorbike ‘showroom’. Why is that?

Motorbikes are too small to store inside a storage container. So, to prevent damage, storage companies created a showroom.

A showroom is basically a room with bays for motorbikes. It is indoors and is equipped with a strong steel door. You don’t need to worry about dust, water, and other things damaging your motorbike.

Other than that, the service offered by vehicle storage is also better. Vehicle storage offers an end-to-end service where the company picks up your vehicle.

They will put your vehicle on a truck and transport it to the storage facility. You can even ask them to redeliver if you need your vehicle back.

Obviously, vehicle storage offers a better service than the traditional car park.

Benefits of Vehicle Storage

What are the other benefits of vehicle storage? Other than indoor space and great service, it also has;

  • No fixed-term contract. There is no obligation for you to rent shorter or longer than you need to. You can just cancel or extend the rent duration from week to week.
  • Cheaper than the usual car park. Temporary storage units for cars cost $54.95 per week. For motorbike storage, the price is under $1.50 per day.
  • Insurance coverage. Your vehicle will have insurance coverage during storage. So, in the unlikely event damage occurs, you will get your money back.
  • Free protective materials. Storage industry leaders will give you free furniture blankets and tie-downs. Furniture blankets prevent damage and absorb shock during transit. Tie-downs are used to secure the vehicle to the container walls.
  • Store more than just vehicles. Once your vehicle is inside the storage unit, you will still have extra space. You can use that extra space to store any excess things you want.


Vehicle storage is popular because of its top-notch service and quality storage space. With vehicle storage, your vehicle won’t be left outdoors to the elements and theft.

Moreover, vehicle storage offers an end-to-end service. The company will pick up and redeliver your vehicle if you want them to.

Other than that, vehicle storage is also cheaper and more flexible. You only pay a maximum of $54.95 per week and you can stop renting anytime.

Your vehicle will also be protected with protective materials to prevent damage. However, if damage does happen, you have insurance to cover the cost.

Plus, you can get some extra space to squeeze in some excess things, too. All in all, vehicle storage far surpasses the traditional parking space in every way.

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