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Many people are impacted by the prevalent issue of hair loss. One of the most challenging things to try to overcome is probably hair loss. Few physical characteristics can make us feel as self-conscious as it does.

Nobody should be ashamed of it because it is a normal part of life. But if you’re worried about the thinning of your crowning splendor, you can choose from a number of efficient procedures, including PRP and FUE hair transplantation, to mention a few.

But which procedure— Hair transplant (Hair transplant) or PRP—can treat hair loss more effectively? The usual solution of hair transplantation produces outstanding outcomes. But PRP is a non-surgical alternative that encourages natural hair regrowth for anyone looking for a less invasive treatment.

Continue reading to discover a thorough analysis of PRP hair therapy and FUE hair transplant.

PRP Restoration Vs. FUE Hair Transplant

PRP hair therapy and FUE hair transplant are two of the most popular hair loss therapies now accessible. These two methods for treating hair loss include various processes and are highly distinct from one another.

In contrast to PRP, which uses the patient’s own blood to inject into the hair follicle to stimulate natural hair growth, FUE hair transplants work by extracting hair follicles from sections of the scalp where balding is not present and injecting them into problematic regions of the scalp.

The most trustworthy treatment for hair loss is still hair transplantation. With more than 90% of grafts routinely taking, all patients who undergo the operation can anticipate some new growth.

The fact that hair transplantation requires surgery and, more importantly, that not everyone is a candidate are its drawbacks. Patients are frequently either too early (young guys) or not suitable candidates (many women), in which case PRP is frequently a fantastic choice.

These two non-surgical therapies can each be completed in a few hours. However, PRP treatments are more effective than FUE treatments quickly.

The average time for a PRP treatment is one hour and forty-five minutes, but the average time for a Follicular Unit Extraction is four hours.

The downside

PRP has a number of benefits, such as not requiring surgery and having little recovery time, but it also has some drawbacks.

To start with, multiple treatments are necessary to reap the greatest benefits. Second and most significantly, despite receiving a full course of treatments, some individuals may not have any new growth at all, even though many people do.

You can understand why many hair transplant doctors advise patients that this is their best option when comparing this to a Hair transplant (Hair transplant) where nearly 100% of patients get new growth.

How Does Hair Replacement Work?

Hair is removed from areas of your scalp with thicker hair and transplanted to balding areas via a surgical procedure known as hair transplantation. There are two methods available for use: Follicular unit removal (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

So, what makes these two procedures different from one another? In FUT, the hair follicles are extracted by removing a strip of scalp skin. The treatment region will thereafter get these follicular units. Individual hair follicles are taken directly from the scalp and placed on the balding area during FUE.

The process of hair regrowth takes at least four hours. Only ten days after the procedure can the stitches be removed.

PRP Hair Restoration: How Does It Work?

PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma, is a type of blood protein that contains specific growth factors that help to mend and restore tissues, including hair.

A series of procedures are required for PRP hair restoration, during which the patient’s blood is collected to prepare it for PRP. The produced mixture is then injected into the patient’s scalp.

Growth-stimulating cells in the hair follicles are activated by the growth factors in PRP, which promote hair growth.

Patients leave the clinic with more hair follicles that are healthier and less likely to fall out later on after completing the treatment series. In order for the patient to keep their new hair thickness after the initial series, follow-up appointments afterward are frequently necessary.

Is PRP Hair Restoration or FUE Hair Transplant Right for Me?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both methods. PRP hair restoration is non-surgical, has a quick recovery time, but it takes several sessions to achieve the best results. For eligible applicants, FUE hair transplantation frequently has a graft uptake success rate of up to 80%.

Although FUE Hair transplant (Hair transplant) may appear to be the more effective procedure, not everyone is a candidate. Young guys frequently request FUE transplants before their hair loss is fully developed since they don’t feel comfortable waiting till their hair loss is fully developed.

Because PRP hair restoration involves a series of treatments that can be continued as needed, it may be more appealing for these patients. Because their hair loss is more diffuse and they lack reliable donor follicles, many women are also poor candidates for FUE hair transplants. For eligible patients, the success rate of FUE hair transplants cannot be disputed, nonetheless.

PRP hair restoration has a less consistent outcome. Follicles must stay in the balding area for PRP to interact with the growth factors.

Because their hair thins all over but isn’t completely gone, women who can’t have FUE transplantation are frequently the best candidates for PRP hair restoration.

PRP hair restoration may also be an excellent alternative for men who don’t want to let their hair loss go too bad in order to prevent baldness.

Hair transplant

What’s the Final Verdict?

In conclusion, FUE hair transplant and PRP hair transplant are two widely used methods for treating hair loss and resuming hair growth.

In a surgical procedure called FUE, hair follicles are taken from one area of the head and placed in balding areas. It requires anesthetic and could result in some edema or redness at the donor site.

Contrarily, PRP is a non-surgical process that includes injecting plasma into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and repair hair.

There are no known hazards or negative consequences, and it is less invasive. The ideal approach depends on a person’s needs and preferences because both strategies have benefits and drawbacks.

Want to boost your self-assurance? Learn more about the many hair fall treatment solutions that Medica Estetica provides.

Their team of cosmetic specialists is dedicated to giving you the most secure and efficient methods to stop hair loss. Call them right away to arrange your initial consultation.

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